The Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica, in its commitment to enhancing the competitiveness of the ceramic industry, worked intensely in 2006 on the start-up of the Ceramic Observatory, a competitive intelligence system articulated in three specialised platforms: the Market Observatory, the Habitat Trends Observatory, and the Technology and Environment Observatory, which are all made up of multidisciplinary teams.

This information system responds to the industry’s demand for relevant information and supplements internal company sources, in order to facilitate strategic and operational decisions and enable companies better to address the growing complexity of management owing to the current evolution of international markets, characterised by increasing new demands, social changes, etc., which have placed new pressures on companies in the Spanish ceramic sector, especially in regard to the need for pertinent information, supplementary to the company’s own sources, for strategic and operational decision-making.

The three Observatories that act as cornerstones of the Ceramic Observatory are designed to serve sector companies as supporting instruments, in order to reduce the uncertainty and enhance the efficiency of strategic decision-making. In addition, each Observatory is, methodologically, appropriately structured to cover its different field.

Technology and Environment Observatory website (For more information)

Market Observatory website (For more information)

Habitat Trends Observatory (For more information)

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